• Lambo Doors Kit

    Lambo Door Kits


    Where our competitors use 3/8" thick steel we use 1/2", and where they use 1/2" we use 5/8". When they use one pivot, we use two. Where they use a coarse thread we use a fine and, when they use an adjustment screw, we use our Patent Triple Locking Mechanism.

  • Lambo Door Hinges

    Lambo Door Hinges


    A large majority of bolt-on lambo door systems on the market are essentially a universal kit with different holes drilled in it, and all weld-on systems are the exact same hinge. Each vehicle specific application we offer is designed to with several key features in mind.

  • Quality never costs as much as it saves. We understand this and address each vehicles unique requirements for proper Lambo door fit and function. Other systems on the market are not designed from scratch for the chassis it is mated to.

    - Lambo Doors

  • Custom Lambo Doors Kit

    Custom Hinge Engineering


    Can't find the exact Door Conversion or Upgrade for your vehicle? Please CONTACT US to ask about your Custom Hinge and Conversion Engineering program. Sound expensive? You'll be surprised at our reasonable pricing and timely manner of completing even the most monumentous projects. We have produced hundreds of the worlds most original and cutting edge door, hood, and trunk conversions for many customers and from the automotive (aftermarket and OEM) , movie, mobility, aerospace, marine, RV, military and even home building industries!

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Here you will find all our innovative products including our Authentic Scissor door Lambo door conversions, Shaved door kit's, Suicide door conversions, Flip- Flop Hoods, and Gullwing door conversions. All Scissor Doors Inc. complete door conversions are available with automatic upgrades.

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